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"Miriam was a joy and a breath of fresh air when she brought her program to us at the Interlochen Public Library. Families bonded in song, movement and each other. She is in tune with the audience, and her love for children pours out. Children learn from her without realizing they are being taught! Miriam generates a calm, yet energetic zeal for what she loves doing. She will bring you together in a beautiful, fun way...together you will breathe in deep, smile and sing! Her music portrays her creativity and her LOVE." - Jennifer Thomet, Children's Program Director at Interlochen Public Library 

"What an EXPERIENCE!! My son Edwin talked about it the rest of the day! The energy in the room was truly one of calm, loving acceptance...thank you for that!" - Danielle G., mother

"Miriam is such an inspiration! My girls absolutely love her and I feel like she helps me be a better mom after every class! The words she speaks and the beautiful light that radiates from her have such an impact on our lives! I am so happy to be able to enjoy this season of motherhood with Miriam and her classes." -Jen K., mother

"I love Miss Mi-wee-am's class!" - Guy, age 4 

"I have been attending programs with my own children for 11 years and coordinating children's programs for 
years prior to that and this is by far the BEST class I have been a part of! The song Miriam opens the class with and 
closes speaks such important truth! The giggles, hugs and kisses will bless your heart as much as your child!
As we pulled away my 3 year old was still quietly singing to himself "you are loved, 
you're important!" - Amanda D., mother

"My toddler has definitely learned a love of music at Little Bird! She could be President of Miriam’s fan club (and I might be Vice President). I was nearly brought to tears in our first class, seeing my daughter have so much fun with music and this great group. Miriam brings an amazing combination of talent and patience and LOVE to every class, but somehow manages to demand respect and control a bunch of crazy kids. She radiates positivity and always makes our day!" - Sunny M., mother

"Miriam is incredibly talented and wonderful with the kids! I would definitely recommend this class!" -Jennifer K., mother

"My girls and I were having a rough morning, but Little Bird completely turned our day around! So uplifting!" -Carrie B., mother

"Last night I was feeling a little sad on my couch at home. My three year old came up to me and said "What do you feel in your heart today, Mama?" I told her I felt a little sad and without missing a beat she said "It is ok to feel sad, Mama, we all feel sad sometimes. Would you like a hug?" WOW! It brought tears to my eyes. I did not expect it would be my own young daughter who would remind me in that moment that it is OK to feel what I feel. She learned that from Little Bird! Thank you, Miss Miriam, for beginning every class by teaching children to check in on their feelings and how to validate their emotions. I know my daughter will touch a lot of lives with the empathy she has learned at Little Bird!" -Janice, mother

"Go to Little Bird and watch your child's confidence GROW. Miriam has a way of making every child feel genuinely special." - Kate, mother

"If you have not checked out Little Bird yet, your family is missing out! My son and all of the babies are MESMERIZED by Miss Miriam." -Carrie D., mother

"So much FUN for the littles! Miriam is so engaging and super sweet. We can't wait to go back!" -Erica D., mother

"Miriam is Amazing! We love going to her classes! Her spirit shines through to everyone in the room and you and your child will both be glowing afterwards!" - Jen K., mother

"Love love love everything about this class. The sweetest little music class EVER!" - Ashlee D., mother

"I've been taking my girls to Little Bird regularly for well over a year. My oldest loves to go and dance and sing the songs - it's a highlight of her week!" -Sarah B, mother

"We live outside of Michigan but come back to visit often, and every time we visit we make a point to attend as many of Miriam's classes as possible! Her songs are so catchy that we sing them at home constantly, so when we go to a class, my 3-year-old daughter fangirls out like she's hanging with a celebrity. Miriam makes kids feel comfortable and important, and she weaves song and dance and instruments together in a way that makes the time pass much too quickly!" -Ruthy K., mother

"The rapport Miss Miriam has with young children is truly magical. She understands how they think and feel -- and she demonstrates to the
adults as well as to her "little birds" that love in her music classes. Her songs speak to the bonding experience we all look for as humans, while allowing for the recognition of personality, individuality, and growth. Classes at Little Bird School of Song have been a highlight of the week since they began for my little birds - my niece Elodie and my nephew Cannon - and will be for many years to come!" -Jennifer L., aunt

"Miss Miriam is a really wonderful teacher! This class is great for all ages. My 9 month old son was smiling and laughing and the other older children where singing and dancing around the whole hour. We will definitely be back!" -Megan B., mother

"I am a retired school teacher and I can attest that the listening skills, the practicing of patience and taking turns, the learning of manners and the family bonding that exists in these classes are a wonderful foundation for children to succeed in school, and in their communities, for the rest of their lives! Keep up the excellent work, Miriam." -Gloria H., grandmother

"Always the BEST time at Little Bird. Ella, Leo and I love you!" -Gary, grandfather

"As a busy mom, I appreciate the flexibility of the drop-in option at Little Bird. Thank you for understanding how hard scheduling ahead of time can be with little ones!" - Tina G., mother

"This class is the absolute highlight of my family's week!! We have come to know that a day that starts with Miss Miriam's music class is going to be an AWESOME day." - Sarah J., mother

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